At some point in our lives, we may look in the mirror at our hairline, bald spots, and overall poor hair condition and wonder where it all went. We can blame the passage of time or poor dietary or haircare choices, but sometimes it is all about genetics. Either way, it is nice to know that there is a non-invasive LED treatment option that might help.

The iRestore hair regeneration system is touted as a simple way to regrow hair and deal with common hair loss issues. It looks like an exciting alternative to more clinical options, but can it actually help? What do you get with the iRestore cap, and is it worth the cost? Read this iRestore review to determine whether it’s the best hair growth solution for you.

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What Is iRestore?

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As the name suggests, this is all about providing a technological device with restorative powers. In this case, it is all about the power to restore hair growth in clients dealing with common hair loss issues. Essentially, iRestore Laser is a cap with an LED treatment that stimulates hair growth in areas where it has ceased growing or become thinner. In clinical trials, 655 nm red light and 780 nm infrared light was shown to increase hair density when used once a day for 10 minutes. With the correct use, users have the potential to see an improvement in the fullness, length and overall appearance of their hair. With iRestore, you can thicken thinning hair in as little as 3 months, and some customers see results in as little as 2 months.

Who Can Benefit From iRestore?

The iRestore system is built for people dealing with hair loss in a range of forms. If you notice patches on the scalp where hair no longer replenishes itself or thinner hair growth than normal, you might benefit from some LED treatment. The more common complaints treated here are receding hairlines, bald spots, and generally thinning around the crown and temples. While there are allusions to alopecia and extreme hair loss in some promotional literature, you shouldn’t expect it to do much for severe hair loss.

What this also means is that there are no limits on who can enjoy this device regarding age or gender. Older men may be dealing with the familiar issues of bald spots and gaining some hair regrowth here. But, there are also younger users that feel their hair lines receding and simply want a fuller head of hair. In addition to this, there are also some great reviews from women dealing with thinning hair and widening parting.

Therefore, whatever your situation, you could find that one of the iRestore hair regrowth devices has potential for you. The big question now is which product to go for. Should you get the iRestore Essential, the Professional model, or one of the kits? Let’s look at the general pros and cons of these systems before discussing the product options in more detail.

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iRestore Pros vs. Cons


1. Non-invasive

A non-invasive wearable LED cap can offer more benefits than intensive scalp treatments or pharmaceuticals. The risks associated with topical treatments that may contain chemicals are not present with LED caps, and you get additional health benefits from red light therapy. Compared to harsh cosmetic options, there is also no pain and discomfort with an iRestore treatment.

2. Grow Fuller Hair in 3-6 Months

iRestore is a long-lasting solution to hair loss. It is a simple benefit we could easily overlook, but there is a massive difference between regrowing your natural hair and applying some cosmetic treatment or using hair extensions. With iRestore, you can reverse the balding process and naturally allow for a fuller look and faster hair growth.

3. At-Home Treatments

Invasive hair restoration treatments from salons and clinics can be daunting. You are at the mercy of professionals and must follow their strict schedules. With the iRestore laser cap, you get a different experience at home with a wearable device. Additionally, you can stop and start treatment whenever you want.

4. Less Grey Hairs

Because red light therapy increases blood flow around hair follicles, scientists believe it is effective at reducing gray hairs. In addition to their hair growing fuller, some users notice fewer gray hairs after using iRestore.


1. You are in control, but you still need patience

This is important for anyone keen to see miraculous results in a short amount of time. There is no such thing as an overnight cure without any hard work attached. You will have to wear the device at home regularly for weeks to see a noticeable change. With continuous use, you can expect to see the amazing results you are after.

2. Corded Device

The iRestore device comes with a cord that needs to be plugged into an outlet while being used. I find this off-putting considering all the advertising photos show users freely using the device wherever they want. However, for a pricey fee of $79.99, you can update your device to wireless with the iRestore Rechargeable Battery Pack.

2. Expensive

We can’t ignore the high price tags here. The initial cost is steep even if you go for a kit and gain some value back there. Still, this is a quality device you can use with ease repeatedly. Also, be aware that other companies, such as Hairmax and Capilus, charge more for their basic models.

It is a good idea to look at the different products to see which provides the best value for your needs.

iRestore Essential

  • A total of 51 medical-grade lasers and LEDs are included in this product.
  • Provides coverage for the scalp, hairline, and crown.
  • 1 year warranty.
  • Average cost: $695.

The first product to consider for dealing with these hair loss problems is the iRestore Essential. This is the cheaper of the two and is designed to offer just enough coverage to deal with common hair loss issues. The name essential can make it sound like there are just the bare bones of a treatment system. However, you still get a great cap that is well-designed, comfortable to wear, and supplies amazing hair growth results.

There is no denying that this device looks like something out of a 1980s sci-fi film, but at least you are assured full coverage from the hairline back to the crown of the head. The big cap should be comfortable enough for long-term use and is ventilated to stop it from getting too hot over time. This treatment area consists of 51 medical-grade lasers and LEDs to target the scalp and trigger the growth of healthier hair.

Common Complaints

According to iRestore’s reviews, timing is the most significant problem. While this is a great user-friendly system with the ability to set timers and pause sessions, many find it takes a while to see any results. There is a possibility that all those who gave up early simply needed more time to witness substantial results. 

iRestore Professional

  • A total of 282 medical-grade lasers and LEDs are included in this product.
  • Provides coverage for the back and sides of the head.
  • 2 year warranty.
  • Average Cost: $1,195.

With these issues surrounding the conflicting results and the high price, you have to wonder if the iRestore Professional is a better choice or not. On the plus side, the system has a different shape to cover a wider area.

There are 282 medical-grade lasers and LEDs here as the cap extends to the back and side of the head. In the best cases, this means that those with thinner hair more generally and problem temples could see better results. However, it might not be worth it if dealing purely with hairline, parting, or crown problems.

Aside from this broader coverage, the product is pretty much the same. You put it on for the 25-minute session, get comfortable, and let it do its job. The device will automatically shut off after a 25-minute session. You still get the same helpful controller with the timer and pause button, so the Professional device isn’t any more complicated.

Common Complaints

The added downside, however, is that this one is almost $1200 per cap – significantly more expensive because of the extra LEDs. So, you need to be sure it is going to be the better option. Also, be aware that this one is still a corded device for uninterrupted power to the cap. You can’t walk around with it on, but you can get comfortable in an armchair near an outlet and watch an episode of TV.

Before & After Pictures

After only a few months of continuous use, iRestore delivers stunning results. But, don’t just take my word for it. Here are some before and after photos that will blow you away:

Men Results

iRestore review before and after
iRestore review before and after

Women Results

iRestore review before and after
iRestore review before and after

iRestore Additional Products

In addition to the cap, you may be able to boost the overall effectiveness if you use the additional products. These add-on products include the following:

The rechargeable battery packs in a more comprehensive kit may be worth the extra cost. As mentioned in this iRestore review, the corded design isn’t ideal if you want to multi-task. The rechargeable battery packs could help you get around that.

You should also consider getting the hair care supply kits to get the best possible results. There are options for a month-long tester series where you can use the rejuvenating shampoo and conditioner to strengthen your hair.

If you suffer from a vitamin deficiency and are experiencing hair loss, iRestore’s gummy vitamins may be worth looking into.

The Final Verdict: Is It Worth It?

Potentially. There are no guarantees with any device like this. But, if you choose the model that suits your hair loss issue, use it correctly, and take advantage of other related products, you may see an improvement. To prevent buyer’s remorse, determine if this treatment option is within your budget and use it wisely.

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